At Ethical Security We Prioritise Safety

Ethical Security's services are catered to your needs, to keep you safe.

Here at Ethical Security Services Ltd we put safety first. Our guards are always prone to risk and heated situations. Due to the nature of our work, it means that our security guards are allocated in locations that are known to need a security presence. This can mean being put in a location that is known to be a high crime risk which can be dangerous. Our guards are sometimes put to work alone throughout the night in these locations during unsociable hours. Although this may sound dangerous our guards are highly trained and provided with the appropriate equipment to keep them safe.


Though their uniform and presence can act as a deterrent for crime, it is immensely important that we ensure the safety of our staff. Some of the ways we do this is through training so that our guards are physically and mentally prepared along with providing the right equipment so that they can professionally and appropriately handle a dangerous situation if one was to occur.


The first process that are guards go through is training, this allows them to be able to react appropriately and control any situation to the best of their ability whilst taking caution. All our guards are also equipped with a body worn camera which can often act as a behavioural deterrent to the public as the body cameras are visible to the public eye. For guards that work alone this can act as an extra deterrent and also ensure that any intruders or events are recorded and can be reviewed if needed.


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