Did you know that we're a living wage employer?

Being a living wage employer has many benefits for the company and staff, read on to learn more about the benefits!




At Ethical Security Services, we believe all of our employees deserve a fair wage. That's why
we're one of many businesses to be classified as a 'living wage employer'. A living wage
employer is an organization that voluntarily chooses to pay all of its employees a wage that is
high enough to meet the employee's basic needs. By being a living wage employer, Ethical
Security Services helps our workers to live without government assistance, making them less
likely to need expensive social services and making a difference in the lives of our employees
and their families.

Additionally, when our employees can make ends meet and are allowed to live without
having to worry about basic needs like food and shelter, it makes for a more stable,
productive workforce. Creating a more loyal and reliable atmosphere for our employees, and
improving business performance. Employees that get paid a living wage are also less likely to
leave their job, meaning employee retention at our company is also greatly improved
compared to other businesses.

If you're interested in working with Ethical Security Services and gaining from the benefits of
being an employee working under a living wage employer, don't hesitate to get in touch today
to find out more.





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