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How our accreditations have helped us to improve

Accreditations are a great way for us to show the quality service we provide. By us holding these certifications, you can trust that we stick to a high standard of service.

Over time we have gained more clients and grown as a company. Our accreditations that we have achieved helped us to do this. Ethical Security Services Ltd are proudly members of ConstructionLine and the safe contractor scheme. In being members, we hope to display commitment to our clients and staff alike that we are dedicated to improving and growing as a company.


Construction line is one of the UK's most connected and progressive providers of procurement and supply chain management. Being a part of the ConstructionLine database allows us to promote our business and gain new work opportunities providing a wider range of potential clients. As a member, it shows an extent of trust between us and our clients, ensuring start we are efficient and reliable. Constructionline are proud to be supporters of local businesses that are trustworthy, being a member of ConstructionLine demonstrates that we are both. Being verified makes us more accessible and easier to find for potential clients, making the process much easier and less time consuming. We are merely one click away from working with you to provide top notch security at your construction site.


We are also SafeContractor approved. SafeContractor is a nationally recognised Safety Accreditation which allows us to immediately display that Ethical Security Service Ltd is compliant with health and safety law to clients and it opens more doors in terms of tendering for work. This means that clients may consider us over someone who isn’t already SafeContractor approved. Our organisation is now more visible to hundreds of organisations who will only work with accredited companies. With being approved it also reduces risk of delay and financial impact along with it increasing our company’s status. The process of choosing us for your security needs is cut shorter by being able to show our safe contractor accreditation instead of completing health and safety paperwork for all potential clients.


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