Keyholding Services Offer

We are offering our keholding service to help you figure out if we are the best fit for your company. Choosing a security company to be your primary keyholder can be stressful, but our experts will show you that we are the best fit for you.

Throughout March we wanted to offer free keyholding to our clients who sign a 12-month contract with us. Once you have successfully signed a 12-month contract with us using any of our services that you choose then we would hold your keys for free. In doing this it means that we can be listed as your primary port of call when your alarm is triggered. We send trained and trusted responders to access the premises, assess the situation and handle any escalation.
Our responders would check of the grounds to ensure that everything it how it should be, and we will provide a report of any situations if necessary. We will only be providing this service for free through march with anyone who chooses to sign a 12-month contract with us. Not only will you get a great service, but you can also benefit from our free keyholding service!


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