The change in the industry

How has the industry changed in the past years and how has it affected us?

Security has always been important whether it comes to protecting valuables, property, or people. Throughout the years with the rise of technology and social media over the past decades, the security industry has adapted and changed in a variety of ways, owing to the increase in usage of Internet connectivity and vulnerabilities to hacking and other types of breaches. One of the biggest changes to the industry has been with technology which has also allowed the industry to modernise.

For security we can now rely on live recording equipment such as CCTV to allow us to monitor whatever we choose with a live feed so that our minds and rest easier knowing that everything is still in place and untouched. Live recordings can also be beneficial in having evidence of any security breaches which can be put forward as proof. The security industry has also adapted by integrating technology such as alarms along with CCTV on phones so you can always keep an eye on protected sites, even if you can't be there in person.


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