Why are body-worn cameras important for security guards?

Body cameras are essential for security guards, they are the last line of defense for any harmful events that occur. Read more to see the importance of body cameras!

Ethical Security Services Ltd provides all its guards with body-worn cameras for many reasons. Cameras are a reliable and accurate source of evidence when it comes to figuring out what really happened in incidents that have occurred. By using body-worn cameras you are provided with an extra layer of reassurance with the cameras having video and audio footage that can be reviewed as evidence when needed. The footage would be able to provide precise details that others may not be able to recollect after an incident that may have instilled fear.

Another benefit of body-worn cameras is that they can act as a deterrent for bad behaviour. The camera being obvious to the public eye has an immediate impact by demonstrating that actions are being recorded. Users of the body-worn cameras can also feel more safe with knowing that they can use the footage to back up any wrong claims or untrue complaints against them.

With a body-worn camera, if there were an incident and for some reason the culprit had ran away then you can feel a little better knowing that they had been recorded in the footage making them easier to identify for law enforcement.


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